What is the Awe Responder APP

The Awe Responder App is a mobile application designed for Responders in South Africa, including Community Patrollers, Private Security Responders, Police, Medical personnel, fire and electrical workers, and others who need to be dispatched quickly and efficiently. The app enables Responders to receive assignments, navigate to the incident location, and communicate with the Command center and other Responders. Additionally, the app features a Panic Button, Rounds, and customizable buttons for additional reporting. The Awe Responder App aims to contribute to safer and more responsive communities in South Africa.


The Awe Initiative is dedicated to promoting unity, positive change, and improving service delivery in South Africa. One of its key components is the Awe Responder App, which is specifically designed for Responders such as Medical personnel, Private Security Responders, Community Patrollers, Police, and fire and electrical workers who need to respond to incidents promptly and effectively. This mobile application enables Responders to receive assignments, navigate to the location of the incident, and communicate with the Command center and other Responders. The app also includes several features such as a Panic Button, customizable reporting buttons, and Rounds. By fostering safer and more responsive communities, the Awe Responder App is contributing to a sustainable solution for some of South Africa’s most pressing issues.


The Awe Responder APP’s Panic Button is a safety feature designed to swiftly call for backup or help in case Responders find themselves in dangerous situations. The feature utilizes geolocation technology to pinpoint the responder’s location and dispatch the nearest available backup responders for assistance. Once the Panic Button is pressed, an alert is sent to the monitoring center, signifying the responder’s need for immediate aid. The monitoring center can then navigate backup responders to the location using the app’s built-in navigation feature. This function provides an additional layer of protection for Responders operating in hazardous or high-risk environments by ensuring that they receive timely and efficient aid during emergencies. It may also assist in avoiding or reducing the severity of dangerous situations.


In the Awe Responder APP, the Checkpoint feature enables guards to send notifications upon arrival and departure from their designated posts, as well as at each control point on their patrol route. This feature enhances transparency and accountability by enabling supervisors and managers to monitor their guards’ progress and ensure adherence to assigned routes and checkpoints. The Checkpoint feature can result in improved security measures, heightened accountability, and documentation of completed patrols. Ultimately, this feature provides security personnel with a practical tool to ensure comprehensive coverage of all areas during their patrols, while also offering supervisors necessary oversight to guarantee proper security measures are being followed.


To enhance the safety of responders while on duty, the Awe Responder APP features the “Alive Signal” function. This tool enables responders to send periodic signals to the command center, indicating that they are safe and still on duty. The frequency of the signals can be adjusted based on organizational needs, and the feature allows for real-time location tracking of the responder. Unlike manual check-ins via radio or cellphone, this digital solution eliminates the need for extra equipment and is more efficient. If a responder fails to send the signal within the preset timeframe, the command center receives an alert, prompting immediate action to be taken to locate the responder. Overall, the “Alive Signal” feature offers an effective and reliable way to ensure the safety of responders while on duty.


The Awe Responder APP’s OB (Occurrence Book) button is a cutting-edge digital tool that allows responders to report incidents with multimedia attachments like photos, videos, and voice notes. This feature replaces the traditional paper-based incident reporting system and provides a more efficient and transparent way of documenting incidents. With the OB button, responders can generate detailed and precise reports that are accessible and manageable in real-time by the Command Center. This leads to a quicker response to incidents and increased accountability for all parties involved. Additionally, each log is geo-tagged, making it easier for the Command Center to identify the location of the reported incident and respond more effectively.


With the Assignment feature in the Awe Responder APP, available responders can conveniently accept incident assignments using their smartphones. Upon accepting the assignment, the app enables them to view the location of the incident on a map and navigate to the scene with the aid of the built-in navigation feature. Upon arrival, responders can indicate their arrival and departure times and attach multimedia files, including photos, audio, or videos, to provide more details and context about the incident. The monitoring center receives this information in real-time, allowing operators to promptly evaluate the situation and take appropriate measures. Once the responders have completed the assignment, they can confirm their departure via the app, creating a precise and current record of all incidents and responses. This feature can significantly enhance response times, improve situational awareness, and provide a dependable and accessible record of all incidents and responses.


The Awe Responder APP’s My Messages feature serves as a channel for seamless communication between the Command Centre and the responders. This feature utilizes push notifications to deliver messages directly to the responder’s mobile device. It supports various types of communication, including newsletters, internal assignments, alarm pushes, and additional instructions. The feature also allows for mass messaging to selected or all responders, which can be highly beneficial in critical situations or when resources need to be mobilized urgently. Responders can likewise send messages to the Command Centre using this feature, providing real-time updates on incidents and requesting additional support or resources. This My Messages feature ultimately enhances communication and coordination between the Command Centre and responders, leading to a more efficient and effective response to incidents.


The Awe Responder APP offers a range of powerful features that are designed to enhance the user’s ability to respond to emergencies with speed and efficiency. The Countdown Timer feature enables users to set specific response times for emergency events, ensuring that they can respond promptly within a predefined timeframe. The SMS Notifications feature provides an additional layer of security by alerting users via SMS, even when they are offline or have no data connectivity. The app also seamlessly integrates with the user’s device camera, enabling them to capture and share multimedia content with the command center or other responders as required. Moreover, the app’s Alive Tour and Route Management feature allows users to create and manage tours, routes, and rounds, ensuring that all necessary areas are checked during patrols. Additionally, Configuration Management allows users to customize the app to meet their unique needs and preferences, making it a more effective and efficient tool for emergency response. Overall, the combination of these features makes The Awe Responder APP a comprehensive and reliable emergency response tool that can significantly enhance users’ ability to respond to critical situations with precision and speed.


The Awe Responder APP offers a feature that allows supervisors to set up rounds, tours, or routes, and ensure that they are completed within a specified timeframe. The app enables supervisors to add waypoints along the route and set a timeframe for each one, and the assigned responder or guard is required to reach each waypoint within the set timeframe to complete the round or tour. In addition, supervisors can select the type of check-in required for each waypoint, such as NFC, QR code, or geolocation. When the patroller, responder, or guard comes within a specified distance of the waypoint, the check-in is logged, providing a transparent and accurate record of the round/tour completion for the supervisor to review. Overall, this feature streamlines the monitoring and management of rounds/tours, ensuring that all areas are checked within the specified timeframe.


The Awe Responder APP comes equipped with 12 customizable buttons that can be configured to perform various functions specific to an organization’s needs. These buttons can be programmed to send reports, communicate with the command center, or other responders on the network, among other functions. For example, a button could be set up to update the command center on the responder’s status, informing them that they have arrived at a particular location. Another button could be configured to request backup or additional resources during an emergency. Moreover, a button could be programmed to send multimedia reports, such as photos, videos, or audio recordings, to the command center to document an incident. Customizing these buttons is a vital aspect of the Awe Responder APP, as it enables organizations to tailor the app to their specific needs and requirements. By configuring these buttons to perform specific functions, organizations can ensure that their responders can communicate effectively with the command center and with each other, and that they can respond promptly and efficiently to incidents as they occur.